Use of bronchoscopic electrocautery in removing an endotracheal metastasis

Hye Sook Choi, Seok Yeon Kim, Cheon Woong Choi, Jee Hong You, Hong Mo Kang, Myung Jae Park

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Bronchoscopic electrocautery is an easy, safe and rapid local method for the removal of a tracheal metastasis. Recently, we experienced a case of papillary serous carcinoma of the ovary with tracheal metastasis in a 45-year-old woman. Twelve years after the initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer, the patient presented with dyspnea. A chest CT scan showed that the trachea was nearly obstructed with a polypoid mass. The mass, later shown to be a metastatic papillary serous carcinoma, was removed by flexible bronchoscopic electrocautery with a snare. To our knowledge, this report is the first to describe the successful removal of an endotracheal metastasis of ovarian cancer using bronchoscopic electrocautery.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)286-290
Number of pages5
JournalLung Cancer
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2007


  • Bronchoscopic electrocautery
  • Endotracheal metastasis
  • Ovarian cancer


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